Build Mobile Apps-Mar17

Building mobile apps that need to run fast, react to data changes in real-time, and work regardless of the signal strength? MongoDB Realm Sync makes it easy to keep data in sync across users, devices, and your backend, even when connectivity isn’t guaranteed. It takes care of the networking and conflict resolution code for you, […]

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Free Technical Training-March

TechStar knows that providing free assistance to our customers when they need it, demonstrating our advanced knowledge of core Microsoft technology, and helping to build a bridge of networks between businesses using Microsoft technology will benefit everyone. Not everyone can afford to hire TechStar right now to help with Azure migrations, SharePoint development, Security audits, […]

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Data! Data! Data! Mar16

Data. We all need it and there are certainly many challenges to ensuring you have it at the right time in the right place. Spend your time and money where your expertise is most valuable. No matter where you are on your digital journey, become informed or take simple steps to plan with trusted information […]

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Threat Hunting Workshop-Mar2

The surge in advanced attackers has created a need for SecOps to understand, quickly respond to and hunt the most sophisticated threats inside your organization. Join Palo Alto in this 3 hour hands-on investigation and threat hunting virtual workshop to boost your skills and learn how to use Cortex XDR to stop sophisticated attack.

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